The current review of some CodeMark Certifications has lead to a lot of misleading information being circulated. CMI has released a statement confirming it does not mean materials are non-compliant. 

Any claims that these materials are now non-compliant or banned are completely false.

The statement is published on their website which you can view HERE. Or you can read the Press Release HERE.

The review relates to various 'FR' core aluminium composite panel brands and some EPS cladding materials and systems utilising phenolic based rigid insulation.

It does NOT in any way relate to our 'Non-combustible' cladding materials such as; 

 - ULTRACORE Non-combustible Aluminium Core Panel
 - ULTRASURE Prefinished Solid Aluminium Panel
 - ULTRAWOOD Non-combustible Timber Cladding
 - EQUITONE Through-colour Fibre Cement
 - ULTRAPEARL Prefinished Fibre Cement Panel
 - ULTRALIGN Aluminium Cladding System
 - ULTRACADE Terracotta Cladding System

BLUECHIP offers a large suite of different cladding materials for different applications & compliance requirements including the above 'Non-combustible' material. We can help with the information and certificates required for your certifier to advise the most suitable and compliant material for your external facade cladding applications. 

For a project consultation and to ensure you are specifying a compliant material please reach out to us and we'll schedule in a time to discuss the requirements on your future projects.