Architects Cameron Chisholm Nicol were engaged for Stage 4 of the St James Anglican School project, which used IROCK non-combustible rigid insulation.

The project consisted of a new two-storey Senior School block and classroom extensions including a stage area, drama room, green room, teachers prep and store rooms, and a new sprung timber floor to the existing gymnasium.

The design of the project was strongly informed by the concept of being “shipwrecked” as Alkimos is named after an abandoned merchant ship at Alkimos beach/ Eglinton Rocks. This concept informed the innovative roof form surrounding the existing gymnasium, which can be thought of being ‘shipwrecked’ against the crashing waves that are the new extensions. 

Cameron Chisholm Nicol also worked to maximise environmental benefits utilising passive solar design principles, including the use of natural ventilation to the classrooms and the introduction of PV systems.

Demand for non-combustible rigid insulation in the education sector is on the rise and BLUECHIP was pleased to meet stringent quality requirements of this project with our IROCK non-combustible rigid insulation. IROCK is ideal for cavity walls, external walls and ceiling applications requiring high levels of fire safety and thermal performance.

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